Who are Border Control Bird Dogs?

Border Control Bird Dogs are a recognized and respected name in the field of geese and waterfowl management. Border Control Bird Dogs are a specialized geese management company not a generic ‘Pest Control’ organization. Border Control Bird Dogs offers a fully comprehensive  service suitable to all needs and budgets.

Proud Geese Control Supplier to

Pan Am Games Toronto


Why Geese Management ?

Problems associated with Canada geese

Damage to site

Unsightly mess (at least a pound of droppings per day per goose!)

Human Health and Safety

Disease risk: droppings can carry histoplasmosis (and more) that can be harmful or fatal to humans

Liability of slip-and-fall lawsuits or occupational disease lawsuits

High cost of cleanup, repair and maintenance

Property devaluation

Loss of Business and compromise to the overall enjoyment of the location

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