Goose Dogs

We only use our own purpose bred and trained Border Collies. Only our best dogs make it onto the Border Control team. Border Collies are the only breed that can successfully work waterfowl with their outstanding herding abilities and use of ‘collie eye’. We will NOT use any other breed. We have found other breeds such as Labradors / Retrievers are ineffective due to a natural lack of livestock understanding.

All our working dogs have been bred with health, temperament and working performance in mind. DNA testing and skeletal x-rays have been conducted within our breeding program.

owen    Owen keeping watch of geese in a Pond


cags   Cagney keeping a Golf Course geese free !


ted  Ted ready for geese management work at Golf Course


abbey  Abbey at an artificial sport field free of geese


abbycags  Cagney and Abbey enjoying geese management break

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